Soap Packaging Line

Usually, soap production lines ends with the packaging equipment. We design and produce high-speed automatic soap bar packaging line for all types of soaps. The soap bars are wrapped individually and packaged in pre-cut chains, according to customer requirements.

Commonly used packaging type is the wrapping of the soap bars. Alternatively, ready soaps can be cartooned in multi-packs or in a single pack. Labeling on the ready packages is also possible. The operation of the soap packaging line is fully automatic and only one operator is needed for just surveillance purposes.

The speed of the line is 400 soaps per minute, which means the line is feeding and packing 400 soaps in every minute. The line is capable to load the packed soaps into the packs or sealed bags (from 2 to 12 peaces, typically 6 soaps in a pack).

We also design and supply the liquid soap filling line. Filling line is also suitable for the filling of shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, detergent and other liquids. The line is capable to fill the liquid automatically and make the capping.

The machine is adjustable for the different type of packaging operations. It can pack the soap individually or group several soaps together and make a common packaging. All options can be selected on the touch screen control panel.