Soap Bar Production Line

Toilet soap bars can be produced from the soap noddles or from the oil or fat. The soap bar production line from the noddle is simple and the equipment for this scope is cheap. However production of the soap from the oil or fat is much more complicated and includes more equipment, as a result the price of such line is substantially high. We offer both types of production line, as per customer requirement.

Soap Bar Production Line Machines

  1. Mixing:
    The line starts with the mixer. An operator is feeding raw soap noodles into the mixer and adding other ingredients like talc powder, zeolite powder, sodium metasilicate liquid etc. The mixer is mixing all these ingredients together.
  2. Conveyor Belt
    After the mixing procedure, conveyor belt is transferring the raw material into soap fined machine for the next step.
  3. Soap Fined Machine
    With the work of screw extruding machine, the raw material can be blended and softened well. Only then it is possible to make arrangement for soap thin sheet/flakes making.
  4. Three Roller Mill
    In this step Three Roller Mill machine is making soap flakes/soap thin sheet. This procedure makes the soap structure tight and improve soap’s density and quality.
  5. Double Screw Vacuum Plodder Machine
    After the roller mill operation, the soap thin sheet converted into desired long strip soap by the plodder machine. With the cooling and heating works, the machine produces soap bars. With using a double-layer vacuum plodder machine to make the soap structure compact and not easy to crack and bright outlook.
  6. Soap Bar Cutting Machine
    In this stage the long soap bar is cut into the fixed pre-determined length automatically. The machine is adjustable and it cuts the soap in any length, according to customer requirement. The operator should enter the desired length in the control panel. In this stage the mark or brand of the soap also can be designed. Cutting speed is also determined by the customer.
  7. Soap Molds
    The molds are used to get any shape or form of the soap. According to the used molds, the line can cut the soap bar into perfumed soap, bath soap, toilet soap in about 125 gr x 3, 80 gr x 4 , 15 gr x 5. sizes. It can produce 3 pieces in a time. Logo or marks also can be designed according to the customer own needs or requirements. The molds can give different shapes like round, oval or square forms.
  8. Soap Cooling Machine
    In the Cooling machine, soaps are becoming solid and hard, after which they can go for the packaging.
  9. Packaging Equipment
    This equipment is used for the packaging of the ready soaps at the end of the production. The equipment is capable to make different type of packages with the various materials.