Technical Services

As a machine producer and supplier of soap production lines, we provide all service works for the soap manufacturing companies. The technical services can vary depending on the machine type or the service scope.

Warranty period. Our equipment usually has 12 months of guarantee period, which starts after the installation works. We provide all technical services during this period free of charge.

Post warranty period. After the warranty period, we propose to our customers to make a separate service agreement for a determined period. Within that period we continue to to provide the technical service similarly as the warranty period. For the customers, who did not make a service agreement with us, we provide the services and we charge for the services individually.

The service period is depending on the failure type. For the software problems, we usually use the tele-service feature of our machines. It includes the connection to our machines distantly in order to detect the problem and fix it. For the hardware problems, we send our technical personnel in 24 hours and fix the problem in less than 3 calendar days.