Liquid Soap Production Line

Liquid soap is main alternative of traditional soap bars and nowadays the usage of the liquid soap is increasing substantially. We provide a complete liquid soap production line which includes the filling of the liquid soaps as well. The liquid soap production line includes the following equipment:

  • RO Pure water treatment equipment
  • Liquid washing mixer and homogenizer
  • Storage tanks
  • Filling machine
  • Capping machine
  • Labeling machine
  • Inkjet printer
  • Aluminum foil sealing machine (optional)
  • Conveyor (optional)
  • Plastic film shrinking machine (Optional)

RO Pure water treatment equipment. This machine is used to remove impurities in water, like bacteria and suspended solids. This procedure is very important especially in the production of cosmetics in order to extend the shelf life of the goods. This treatment also increases the quality of cosmetic goods.

Liquid washing mixer and homogenizer. In this procedure various kind of tiny material such as AES, AESA LSA are dissolved in the main liquid, which gives us a homogeneous and pure material. This operation is decreasing the energy consumption and shortening production time. The output of this machine is liquid material with less bubbles and with high viscosity.

Storage tanks. According to the standards, in order to produce high quality products, the liquid needs to be stored in a tank stand, before moving to the filling line. The storage tanks are made of stainless steel.

Filling machine. This machine is used to fill the liquid product automatically into the bottles or similar containers. The filling machine is equipped with dosing equipment in order to fill the pre-determined volume of liquid in every time. The machine can be automatic or semi automatic, according to customer requirement.

Capping machine. After the filling operation the containers of the bottles move for the nest station for the capping operation. Capping machine is fixing the cap onto the bottle with the determined torque.

Labeling machine. Labeling is very important step for the marketing purpose and the companies give a great importance for this stage. This machine puts the ready labels on the bottles or similar containers in the automatic way.

Inkjet printer. The is last station, where the standard Inkjet Print is used to put the date and batch number on the bottles. The Printer is changing the batch number automatically and all data is saved in the hard drive for the tracking of the production in any time.